Rewind: the fast alternative to EMDR

rainbow symbolising rewind, the fast alternative to EMDR

Rewind: the fast alternative to EMDR

EMDR is the latest buzz word in therapy. It is a method of dealing with trauma that uses eye movements to densensitise yourself to the event. However, not everyone gets on with the technique. For start, it can be expensive, and you may need up to 12 sessions. Appointments are sometimes longer than traditional therapy sessions too, and not everyone gets on with the eye element of it. It can make some people feel sick, or have other effects. This isn’t to downplay EMDRs efficacy. However, there is another alternative that works extremely well.

Rewind, the fast alternative to EMDR

Rewind, for me, is a much more gentler, and yet still extremely effective process. It can take as little as two sessions to rewind the trauma, although more may be needed if there are multiple traumas, layers or you need to unpack the impact trauma has had on your life and behaviours.

What works so well for me is that you don’t have to go through the trauma again with Rewind. You don’t even have to tell me what the trauma was in so many words. This is so reassuring for many clients who are worried that healing traumas means explaining what happened and possibly reliving those moments or years over again.

How it works

We’ll relax you so that your brain is in a state of low arousal, and then I’ll guide you through a process where we rewind and fast forward those memories at speed, so that you don’t get caught up in them all over again. What we are doing is unhooking the emotion from those memories. They will still be there – we don’t mess with your mind – but the distressing feelings will be much less, or even gone.

Trauma can be at the root of so many problems, including OCD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, people pleasing behaviour, phobias and many more. We can work around these issues, but dealing with the trauma itself is going to be the most effective work.

It’s important to realise that trauma isn’t always the big things – car crashes and serious illnesses. It can be bullying at school (even years later it can still impact us), a badly managed redundancy, a relationship, or even neglect as a child. Traumas can be years old, or quite recent.

How to book your alternative to EMDR

You can contact me here, or have an introductory no-fee consultation with me by booking here. Sessions are £80 per hour, and I currently only do Rewind in person in my rooms in Folkestone and Hythe, South East Kent, although our other sessions can be online you prefer.