Children and Teenagers

Counselling Children, Teenagers and Young People


counselling for children, teenagers and young peoplePart of my practice is therapy for children, teeanagers and young people. They can have a hard time of it today. Anxiety levels are at an all time high, and social media imposes pressures that many of us did not have at their age. I offer counselling for children, teenagers and young adults from the age of 11.


Counselling is an opportunity talk to someone who is not a family member, or someone from school or college. The type of counselling I work with, Human Givens, is solution focused. This means that we work on helping your child feel better as soon as possible. There will be homework between sessions, and this is practical, evidence-based and all about helping them feel better. Most of my clients enjoy it very much!


Some of the issues my young people and teenagers have brought to counselling inlude:


  • Anxiety
  • Exam stress
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • Withdrawal after being bullied
  • Behaviour issues
  • Bereavement and grief
  • Career decisions
  • Recovery from abuse
  • Sleep issues
  • Screen addiction
  • Dealing with family splits


While many of the young people I see are distressed or struggling, one great thing about their youth is the brain’s plasticity. This means that patterns of thought and behaviour can often be changed more easily than they might be with an an adult.


Online counselling for teenagers and young people


Online counselling is often the best fit for young people. There’s no need to get to and from a practice, and it fits around the school or college day.


In person counselling for teenagers and young people


I offer this in Hythe, Kent, on Mondays and also on Saturday mornings.


How to book counselling for your child


We’ll have a free and no obligation chat, either by phone or Zoom. If everyone’s happy we can then book a session in and see how that goes. We do work through most of the school holidays.


Our sessions are confidential and this is an important part of building trust. If something comes up that we think you, as parents, should know, then part of our work is to help your child feel confifdent and able to share this with you. It’s also important that you know I have an enhanced DBS, full insurance, and regular clinical supervision.


Contact me here to discuss therapy for children, or book in a one to one Zoom session with me here.