Business Owners

Paula Gardner therapist for business ownersAre you a business owner who is struggling? I’m a psychotherapist and business psychologist specialising in working with business owners and entrepreneurs.


Running a business brings many pressures in itself, yet you also experience all the life challenges, health wobbles and traumas as everyone else. The difference is that you have to keep on going. If you don’t, the money doesn’t come in. The clients or customers go elsewhere, and you have even more problems. There’s often no one who can covers us when we are going through hard times and certainly no HR department who can summon up a therapist. We have to take responsibility for our own mental health.


I’ve helped small business owners keep their business afloat and even grow them whilst dealing with issues such as grief, depression or addiction. I’ve supported entrepreneurs through crises that felt like they could bring everything crashing down. I’ve also helped entrepreneurs look at patterns or behaviours that have been holding them back in their business, such as over-working, people pleasing or a lack of confidence.


Burn-out, loneliness, and relationship problems are common for business owners, and all can be helped. Most entrepreneurs like a good strategy, so let put one together to get you feeling better.


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