Therapy to help you work out what you want I’ve had many a client (and I’ve been there myself) who has said to me that they know they could get what they wanted if they put the

Therapy for ADHD in Kent and Online With or without an official ADHD diagnosis, therapy for ADHD can help you with the symptoms. Whilst I cannot provide an ADHD assessment or diagn

How to Support Your Child Through Therapy Parents sometimes ask me how they can support their child through therapy. Indeed, some of my clients are parents whose children are getti

Confidence For Young People Many of the teenagers, graduates, students and apprentices that I see struggle with confidence. Often this is seen as a difficulty finding their voice.

What I say when asked why do teengers self-harm? I often get asked by parents who want to know why teenagers self-harm. I can give them a bit of a steer as to why, in general, teen

Will therapy help SAD?  I’m about to talk about this for my stint on Folkestone Academy FM tomorrow and the clocks are going back this week, so I thought this was the perfec

EMDR is the latest buzz word in therapy. It is a method of dealing with trauma that uses eye movements to densensitise yourself to the event. However, not everyone gets on with the

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