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Relationships can be the most fulfilling part of our lives, but also cause us the most worry, frustration and confusion.



I tend to work with:



  • Individuals concerned about their relationships with partners, children, colleagues or family
  • Couples working through crises or just wanting to grow back closer together.
  • Those recovering from a break-up, shock or bereavement
  • Isolated or lonely clients who would like to build more of a social circle, or meet someone special.

When things aren’t right with a relationship in your life, it’s common to experience high anxiety, an inability to concentrate, or just feel caught in a never ending cycle of over-thinking. Your sleep can be impacted, and this has knock-on effects on the rest of your life.



Relationship therapy online and in person



I see people from cosy rooms in Hythe and Folkestone, Kent, as well as online.



I am a Human Givens psychotherapist, business psychologist and coach. Many of my clients are business owners, managers or leaders who are finding their worries are impacting their work. They want to feel calm and back on top of things as soon as possible.



I also do a great deal of work with parents of teenagers, who are finding their worries about their children overwhelming.



Getting started



You can contact me with your phone number and I’ll call as soon as I can, or book in an introductory Zoom chat here. I look forward to meeting you.





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