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Folkestone, Kent

Have you been trying to struggle on in the hope that things will change? It can be exhausting battling away on your own. There is an alternative:



Working with me


I offer solution focused therapy to help you deal with issues that are impacting your life and work.


This could mean helping you change patterns of behaviour, or sharing tools to help you cope with anxiety, depression or grief. Or, it could be work around getting past a trauma, and onto a new start.


Therapy can be powerful and life-changing, but it can also help us to make small tweaks that just make life better.


You can see some of the things I work with here, but nothing is too big or too small to bring to therapy.  This is your time and space to work things through, without judgement, pressure or unhelpful suggestions about what you “should” do.


Therapy online or in person


I see people from cosy rooms in Hythe and Folkestone, Kent, as well as online. I also offer walk and talk sessions, as movement can help us process in a very powerful way. This also works well for teenagers who may feel more empowered out in nature.


We can mix these up depending on what you need.


I have a special interest in working with teenagers and young people, and often appear on Folkestone Academy FM talking about young people and mental health on Wednesday mornings.


Getting started


You can contact me with your phone number and I’ll call as soon as I can, or book in an introductory Zoom chat here. I look forward to meeting you!


Paula of The Good Therapy Practice Folkestone
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