This is a training of mine on why we need a growth mindset. Are you struggling in your life or business right now? If so, you may find people around you are telling you that you ne

Chill out with a free meditation app   We talk to student Rachel Brek about her involvement with the free meditation app, Medito. Understanding the psychology of people has al

I’m pleased to announce I am now offering therapy in Hythe. I found a lovely counselling room within the Hythe business centre, which is actually a beautiful restored Victori

How often do you celebrate your achievements? Recognising and celebrating then is a vital part of being human, and maintaining our mental health. In the Human Givens model, everyth

Something that often comes up in my therapy room is whether to use HRT (hormone replacement therapy), or not. Clients may have been experiencing symptoms that are linked with the m

One sure sign that my clients are stressed, is that they have lost their ability to read. They tell me about a lack of focus, of not being able to sit still with a book and get int

Are you living a life that is aligned with your values? Sometimes you may feel that something is a bit “off” – a job that just doesn’t feel right, a person that makes you f

Counselling in Folkestone, Kent The Good Therapy Practice offers counselling in Folkestone, Kent, as well as Hythe, and online via Zoom. Founder, Human Givens counsellor, business

Our Best Mental Health Resources For Apprentices Over the years I have worked with many apprentices in my role as an apprentice coach. I am always impressed by their ability to hol

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