Medito – The Free Meditation App

medito free meditation app

Medito – The Free Meditation App

Chill out with a free meditation app


We talk to student Rachel Brek about her involvement with the free meditation app, Medito.

Understanding the psychology of people has always been a fascination. Being able to combine this with a deep understanding of society and the problems we face, led me to my unique degree at Cardiff University. I am currently in my second year, studying a Bachelor of Science in Human and Social Sciences. When the opportunity came up to volunteer for a free meditation app, I was intrigued to find out more.  I am now currently involved in producing new meditation sessions aimed at students. These range from anxieties about moving to university,  to getting a graduate job. However, the app is not just for students, we are also aiming to reach a more diverse group of people with the app, as it has meditations for everyone!

Positive impact

Meditation has still not reached its full potential. This is often due to people being unaware of just how much of a positive impact it can have on their lives. We live in a society where individuals are stuck in a busy routine and constantly on the go. This leaves little time for our minds to rest. However, it is important to have time set aside to  disconnect from the world around us.  One of the amazing benefits of meditation is that it reduces stress and anxiety. This can help us achieve a better night’s sleep, helping us prepare for the next day. Furthermore, research suggests that meditation helps manage symptoms of chronic pain, depression and tension headaches.

The idea for a free meditation app

Medito was founded by Romain Sourdiaux. Medito is unique to any other app. Its sole aim is to provide free forever meditation. Furthermore, it strives to include everyone. Meditations are currently being translated into more than 20 languages. The work ethic of the Medito community is also one full of support and patience. Medito also opens its doors to as many people as possible. It constantly offers more opportunities for volunteers to jump onboard.

Meditation packs

Medito has a huge range of meditation packs and an easy to navigate app, another great reason why everyone should try it out. If you are someone with a busy schedule who only has a few minutes to spare, Medito offers 3-minute daily meditation sessions to suit this need. Additionally, if you have more specific worries, there are packs covering work life, sleeping, and many more. Furthermore, the Medito website has a page of articles. These are great for anyone new to meditation who wants to understand more of the science behind it. You can also find alternative ways to meditate, such as walking meditation. It truly has something for everyone, which is one of the joys of Medito.

Has a long-term impact

Finally, being able to reflect on some of the personal benefits of meditation is what motivates me to continue meditating. Meditation has slowed down my mind and my life. It has allowed me to take everything in, deeper and clearer. It has also hugely improved my quality of sleep. Being able to switch off from my worries at night allows me to get a good night’s rest. It makes the following day brighter and happier. Meditation is all about improving the mental state that you are in. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be in any sort of negative mental state to begin with. It’s just about becoming more aware, more mindful and getting more out of life.