Creating Healthy Online Communities

Carol Perez talking about community to combat loneliness as an entrepreneur

Creating Healthy Online Communities

I’ve been talking over on Instragram about lonelines and isolation as a business owner, and creating your own community is a great way to combat these. Creating an online community on Facebook or Linkedin, or any one of the main platforms out there makes good business sense. You are building up a reservoir of people who know, like and trust you. It can also help us feel connected with others, and part of a community. What’s even better is that it is our community. We can set the rules. We can grow it around our own values, and we can run it in our own way.

Nevertheless, it’s not an easy thing to do. Millions of business owners have thought the same thing and then seen their groups fade into nothing, fall apart due to toxicity, or nerve get going in the first place.

I interviewed Carol Perez, a community strategist, who helps business owners create and grow their own online communities, or even revive ones that seem to be dead in the water. I trained at the same coaching school as Carol, and have long admired her bubbly and bright energy. I can see why she is such an asset to anyone thinking of creating their own online community.

In this interview Carol explains what she does and why having your own community makes sense for some business owners. Note, the some. Carol also goes into how it might not suit everyone, and how it will highlight what’s holding you back in business. This could be shyness, a fear of visibility or confidence issues generally. Join us below…

Carol Perez is on a mission to help purposeful business owners create successful & purposeful businesses with Community at the core. She spent 17+ years in the corporate world, including eight years at Accenture and two years at Walmart HQ in Mexico. After moving to the UK, Carol worked for seven years as Director of Operations for EMEA at DXC from the comfort of my living room. She knows a lot about human behaviour because of my 5+ years of experience as a certified Life Coach. 3+ years supporting top coaches with their Communities. You can connect with Carol here