EMDR is the latest buzz word in therapy. It is a method of dealing with trauma that uses eye movements to densensitise yourself to the event. However, not everyone gets on with the

Helping teens with anxiety – advice from a therapist I see so many teenagers and young people who are coping with strong feelings of anxiety. There are many reasons for this

Are You Wondering “Is Therapy Worth the Cost?” One thing every counselling client has to consider is the price of therapy. I won’t beat about the bush, therapy is

Folkestone has become such a vibrant place to live and work, that I am very pleased to be able to say that I have now opened up a therapy service in Folkestone. This is in addition

A look at dealing with guilt Guilt is an emotion and belongs with the other sad emotions like grief and loneliness. There are many types of guilt. There’s guilt for something

How online therapy works, and is it as good as face to face? I often speak to possible clients who ask me how does online therapy work, and does it work as well as in person counse

Living with Anxiety, one young woman’s account I recently worked with a number of young people on the government’s Kickstarter scheme. One of them is Elena Blidaru, who

When You Are Feeling Like A Failure Dealing with those unwanted thoughts of feeling like a failure   I often see business owners, and many non-business owners, muse about how

Last week I joined presenter Vicky Eldridge on her radio show at Folkestone Academy 105.9 FM, the local community radio station for Folkestone, Hythe and surrounding villages. We d

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