Why We Need a Growth Mindset

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Why We Need a Growth Mindset

This is a training of mine on why we need a growth mindset. Are you struggling in your life or business right now? If so, you may find people around you are telling you that you need to be more positive. This isn’t bad advice in itself, but won’t really help you deal with what’s going on. The latest thinking is that you need to spend more time in a growth mindset, and not just when things are tough. 

Adopting the growth mindset can help us get more out of life, feel happier and make us less vulnerable to mental health issues. I’ll be using the work of Carol Dweck, and explain why we should be aiming for the growth mindset. I also look at ways we can set up our lives to support us in that.

If you head up a team, sharing the concept of the growth mindset with them can be a really interesting exercise to do. This is an ideal tutorial to help motivate you in your business, or help with team building and connection.

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