Speaker for Teenagers and Young People in Kent

speaker for teenagers and young people in kent

Speaker for Teenagers and Young People in Kent

Therapist and speaker for teenagers, young people in Kent

Are you looking for a speaker for teenagers and young people in Kent, or indeed, their parents? I’m a therapist and coach who works with young people as a therapist and coach. This is as a counsellor, in The Good Therapy Practice based in Hythe and Folkestone. Additionally, through charities like Second Chance in London, and The Umbrella Centre in Canterbury. I’ve also been a coach for young apprentices with the PRCA for many years. In this role, I’ve been easing apprentices into the world of work, and the issues that sometimes arise.

In my work, I’ve watched the impact the pandemic and lockdown has had on teenagers and young people. I’ve seen first hand the angst of parents trying to help their children through anxiety. I’ve also heard from those teenagers and young people what it means for them to be struggling with issues like anxiety, depression, phone addiction or shyness in today’s world.

All talks can be tailored towards teenagers and young people, or their parents and teachers, depending on audience.

Speaker for teenagers and young people

It’s great to make a connection with an individual and tailor support for their own lives. However, there’s a lot I can do as a speaker around subjects like these. There, I know that the tools and techniques I share can impact many. I offer a speaking service for schools, universities, youth groups and training organisations. I offer both online workshops and face to face talks in Kent.

Topics for talks for teenagers and young people


Coping with anxiety

Anxiety can be confusing and debilitating. With links to depression, it’s important to learn how to soothe your own anxiety. This talk shares tools that will be with audience for life.

This talk looks at:

  • Why anxiety is a normal and natural thing designed to keep us safe
  • Symptoms of anxiety
  • Different types of anxiety
  • Tools to bring anxiety down


Phone addiction busted

I’ve met teenagers who regularly spend 16 hours a day on their phone, and even they don’t want to do this. Whilst phones are amazing tools, they can also prevent us from enjoying and taking part in the world around us.

This session looks at:

  • Some of the reasons it can be good take a break away from our phones
  • How to deal with a fear of missing out
  • Tools to help you need your phone less


Dispelling Social Anxiety

speaking to parents on self-beliefWhat was once called shyness can be a huge barrier to finding friends, building a network, and even impacts our mental health. Many young people suffer in silence, or retreat into phones and an online world. It doesn’t have to be this way. This seminar looks at ways we can work on our social anxiety and help us feel more in control of situations where we are interacting with others.

This is a talk that’s close to my heart as I suffered with this for many, many years.

  • What is social anxiety
  • Does it differ from normal anxiety?
  • Noticing triggers
  • Tools for coping and building confidence


7 Habits for Good Mental Health

This interactive workshop looks at the 7 habits that can really help boost your resilience to stress.

  • What is a habit?
  • How can you create a new habit, or get rid of an unwanted one
  • The 7 habits and tips for bringing them into your life.


All talks can be from 45 minutes to 90 minute workshops, depending on your needs. Contact us to discuss.