Mental Health Resources For Apprentices

mental health resources for apprentices

Mental Health Resources For Apprentices

Our Best Mental Health Resources For Apprentices

Over the years I have worked with many apprentices in my role as an apprentice coach. I am always impressed by their ability to hold down a new and busy job with studying and producing high quality course work.

People often look at apprenticeships as an easy alternative to University, but it is a mistake to think this way. Apprentices are juggling work (often a new job), with studying. Traditional university students can focus entirely on their studies. Apprentices are sometimes treated as the dogsbody of the business, and given the least interesting tasks to do. They can sometimes find it hard to integrate with teams, or speak up for themselves. After all, they are only the “apprentice.” I am not criticising apprenticeships. I think they are a wonderful way into work, and have been working with the PRCA apprenticeship scheme for years. Nevertheless, I don’t think we should be under-estimating the work involved.

Mental Health Resources For Apprentices

Neither should we be forget the possible strains the above can put on their mental health. This is why we have created a list of mental health resources for apprentices here. Let’s start with our own:

Counselling Sessions for Apprentices

Life happens to apprentices just like anyone else. On top of their studies and work duties they may be struggling with anxiety, grief, or depression. There are funds available that training providers can use to support apprentices in the form of counselling sessions, and I would be delighted to deliver these. Please contact me to discuss.

Mental Health seminars for Apprentices

mental health workshops for apprenticesWe have put together a number of seminars that will support apprentices’ mental health. They can be delivered as a group in person, or online, and recorded for future watching. Here are our current titles:

Coping with Anxiety at Work

It’s natural to be concerned about delivering good work and creating a good impression but there may be moments when that anxiety can start to impede your performance. This seminar looks at practical ways to help you dial down any feelings of anxiousness or panic, including how to deal with panic attacks. We also discuss how to help those around you who may be suffering from anxiety.

Dark Days and Depression

Depression can cause havoc with your performance at, and your enjoyment of work. It can leave you feeling isolated, lacking in motivation and has a severe physical impact on your health. Spotting signs of depression in yourself and others means that you can implement the self-help strategies covered in this workshop to help move you out of depression, or recognise when you need more professional help.

Dispelling Social Anxiety

What was once called shyness can be a huge barrier to promotions, building a network, and even impacts our mental health. This seminar looks at ways we can work on our social anxiety and help us feel more in control of situations where we are interacting with others.

Self-Discipline, Habits and Rituals

We all rely on self-discipline, habits, and rituals to get things done, but how often do you think about which one serves you best? In this workshop you will learn how to increase your self-discipline, break bad habits – or create new ones, and create your own powerful rituals to change your mindset.

Again, please contact me or book a call to discuss.

Mental Health UK

Younger apprentices (up to 18) may find this charity helpful as it focuses on mental health and life transitions. The charity has developed a young people’s programme to help equip 14 to 18 year olds with the tools and knowledge to maintain their mental health.Find out more.

The Samaritans

If you need to talk to someone right now, The Samaritans are avalaible by phone and on line. Call the Samaritans for free on 116123, or find their site here.