Therapist In Folkestone

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Therapist In Folkestone

Folkestone has become such a vibrant place to live and work, that I am very pleased to be able to say that I have now opened up a therapy service in Folkestone. This is in addition to my current practice in Hythe.

Counselling practice in Folkestone


Paula Gardner therapist in HytheI offer both individual and couples counselling. Clients I work with come to me with issues that include depression, anxiety, grief, pain, overwhelm, trauma issues, anger and relationship problems. 

Relationship issues aren’t just couple counselling, but can include looking at the sometimes complex relationships between parents and children, friends and even managers and colleagues.

I also work with teenagers and offer counselling as a business service, to support staff and colleagues.


Walk and talk therapy


As Folkestone is so beautiful, it makes a lovely place to benefit from walk and talk therapy. Getting out into nature really helps the therapeutic experience, as well as getting all the benefits of exercise and sunlight at the same time. I can also offer the option of walk and talk therapy, do get in touch to find out if this would work for you, and to discuss availability.


Choosing a therapist in Folkestone


There are many therapists in Kent to choose from and it’s important that you choose the right one for you. Many therapists work with what’s gone on in your past, often reaching right back to childhood.  We do work with this if it’s relevant, and something you would like to address. However, my aim as a solution-focused therapist is to think about what we can add,  subtract or approach in a different way in your life to make things better for you right now.  There will be homework between sessions, (relevant to you and agreed by both of us), that is about doing just that.

This style of therapy works incredibly well, and often means that you don’t need prolonged therapy. The majority of my clients feel a significant difference in weeks.  Of course, everyone is different, and things like complex trauma or an ongoing situation can take longer to work with.

Talking to a possible therapist is an important part of making your choice of counsellor. You should choose someone whose approach suits your needs, and who you feel comfortable with.  My own background is as a past business owner with my own PR and marketing company for fifteen years. I then retrained as a business psychologist, executive coach and psychotherapist.

You can set up a call with me by dropping your telephone number to me via my contact form here.


Where to find the Good Therapy Practice in Folkestone


My Folkestone practice is situated at:

3rd Floor, 103 Sandgate Road, Folkestone,


CT20 2BQ