Counselling in Folkestone

counselling in Folkstone

Counselling in Folkestone

Counselling in Folkestone, Kent

The Good Therapy Practice offers counselling in Folkestone, Kent, as well as Hythe, and online via Zoom. Founder, Human Givens counsellor, business psychologist and coach, Paula Gardner, focues on solution focused counselling. This means that it’s all about where you are now, looking at ways to make you feel better as soon as possible. Her clients include both adults and children, and she also provides an in-house service for businesses wanting to offer support to staff who may struggling with life issues.

Counselling in Folkestone, Kent

Paula currently works from both Folkestone and Hythe in person. Additionally, she works online with clients from around the UK.

Walk and talk therapy

Paula Gardner counsellorThere is also the option of walk and talk therapy. Mental health is so positively affected by getting out in nature that it can be a really beneficial element of therapy. It can be a powerful ingredient in working with anxiety or depression. For anyone feeling overwhelmed or wanting to lose weight, it’s also a nice way to work towards stress relief and fitness too. The simple act of moving often helps things shift, and encourages creative thinking.

With all the beauty of its coastline, Folkestone is a lovely place to get out and experience walk and talk therapy. From the harbour to the sandy beach to beautiful parks, it has something to suit everyone. We can walk at a pace that suits you, from a gentle stroll to power walking!

Counselling issues

Paula works with many issues including depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm, sleep issues, panic attacks, grief, addictions and alcholism, confidence and low self-esteem, relationship issues and decision making. She also helps clients with trauma, using a specific technique called Rewind that means that you don’t have to go through all the details of the trauma again. Clients find this gentle but effective.

Why Choose The Good Therapy Practice?

Of course, there are many options for counselling in Folkestone. Having run a previous PR and marketing business, Paula is especially adept at working with business owners, leaders and those suffering from stress and overwhelm. Her business pyschology and coaching background give her a variety of techniques and approaches to draw upon. Human Givens Therapy is now being taken up by Mind, and is a therapy of choice for for PTSD Resolution.

How to Book

You can book in a no obligation chat with Paula here, or email to set up an appointment.