Therapy For Grief

Therapy For Grief


therapy for grief - bird on a graveIn way one, therapy isn’t always necessary for grief. Grief is the process of coming to terms with something. Often, it’s that our loved one is no longer with us, a bereavement, but it can also be the loss of a relationship, a job, or even your health. It’s a cliche, but time is a vital ingredient that can help us move through this.


However, it’s not always straight-forward. If you have a sense that something is amiss with your grieving then it probably is. This could be:


    • Unable to express or even feel grief
    • Unable to move past it
    • Unresolved feelings connected with that person
    • Difficulties with coping with your day to day life as the grief feels so all-encompassing
    • Behaviours that are starting to feel out of control, such as irritability, anger, or crying
    • A feeling of isolation (you are expected to move on and get on with it)
Therapy for grief


We will work on a number of levels. First, we’ll be looking at your life and what you need to feel better as soon as possible. At times of loss and bereavement we often forget about our needs, and their importance can slip down the priority list. This can become the norm. The sheer intensity of grief can be very scary, so I’ll also share tools and techniques that can help you deal with that wash of strong emotions, and keep you calm and feeling in control.


We’ll also look at any unresolved feelings that may be holding you back, and I’ll help you deal with them, as well as look for ways in which you can express your feelings appropriately. These could include feelings of anger with a loved who has passed, something that’s very common, or equally, feelings of regret or shame.


Sometimes, there comes a point when time has passed, and everyone else thinks you should move on. It feels awkward to talk about a family member who is no longer with us. It can feel like no one wants to hear it. Therapy offers a supportive and safe place where you can talk about them and express your feelings, and that in itself can often feel magical, and start a shift.


Other losses


I also work with people who are grieving after redundancy. They may have gone through a shock or even trauma in the process of losing their job, and then have to cope with an identity shift too. Likewise, a loss of health and even ageing can throw up a lot of grief. This can be worked through and brought to a place of acceptance and peace.


If you think you might need a therapist to help you deal with your loss, please feel free to contact me or book in a no obligation chat with me here.