Online Career Coaching

online career coachingAre you looking for some online career coaching? Bringing elements of therapy into career coaching can be hugely beneficial, and this is what I offer. Career coaching isn’t just about choosing a job or profession, but can help you make decisions about your career that you may be struggling with.


You may notice patterns that are holding you back, such as getting bored after the initial excitement has worn off. Alterntively, you have have chosen a career to please others, but now want to forge your own path.


Some of the things that have come up in career coaching sessions include:


  • Working through a career change
  • Building up confidence to go for a job or promotion
  • Dealing with difficult situations (and people) at work
  • Deciding whether you’d like to start a business or stay employed
  • Recovering from a tramautic redundancy, firing or situation in the workplace
  • Adjusting to a new role, especially in those vital first 100 days
  • Raising your profile to raise your credibility
  • Negotiating a pay-rise
  • Helping a teenager think through A level or University options
  • Interview skills and confidence
  • Presentation skills
  • Social anxiety around colleagues or clients
  • Getting over patterns or behaviour that may be holding you back in your career


Careers can be traumatic too!


I often help clients who have gone through traumatic redundancies or firings. Sometimes management have even made my clients feel they were at fault. As you can imagine, this has created feelings of shame and humiliation that have to dealt with before they can move on.


I’ve had many clients questioning the meaning of their work and whether this is something they want to do for the rest of their lives. Together, we’ve expored possible futures. Sometimes, people decide to make that big leap to a new career. Sometimes, they find a revived interest in their own work, or start to work on fulfiling their need for purpose outside of work. After all, who says that work has to give us everything?


However, my clients have also used sessions to weigh up whether to retire right now, or hold on for longer. Parents have booked sessions to help teenagers decide upon choices of A levels or university subjects. These can be difficult decisions if you’re not yet sure what you want to do career wise.


Career coaching – online and in Folkestone and Hythe, Kent


I see clients online via Zoom, over the telephone, or in person in Folkestone, Hythe or Canterbury.  Sessions are 60 minutes long and consist of a mixture of practical work and exploring.  There will be homework between sessions. This is carefully chosen and focused on hand-picking tasks that will support you to explore possible career futures, or bring you closer to getting that job you want.


Sessions can, at times, be intense, but they are also fun and you’ll learn a lot about yourself at the same time. To book a free chat contact me here or click here to go ahead with an online session and book into my diary. Sessions are £80, for a one hour session.