Mental Health Workshops

meercats at mental health workshops

One positive thing that has emerged from the pandemic is that people are acknowledging how empowering it can be to talk about mental health in the workplace.


I have designed these workshops to not only continue those conversations, but provide practical advice around mental health.


Please contact me to discuss if you need something bespoke.


Coping with anxiety at work

It’s natural to be concerned about delivering good work and creating a good impression.  However, there may be moments when that anxiety can start to impede your performance. This seminar looks at practical ways to help you dial down any feelings of anxiousness or panic, including how to deal with panic attacks. We also discuss how to help those around you.

Mental health


Decision Making Made Easier

In today’s fast paced world, we have so many small decisions to make. It’s no wonder we have little energy or thinking space left for the big, important decisions. This workshop looks at your own decision-making style. We will show you different ways of making decisions, and, at the same time, get out of the washing machine of “should I, shouldn’t I?” thinking.


You will understand others’ decision-making styles for better relationships and team dynamics, and go away with powerful decision-making techniques you can apply to any area of life.

Leadership, personal development


Self-discipline, habits and rituals

We all rely on self-discipline, habits, and rituals to get things done, but how often do you think about which one serves you best? In this workshop you will learn how to increase your self-discipline, break bad habits – or create new ones, and create your own powerful rituals to change your mindset.
Leadership, mental health, personal development



Handling depression at work

Depression can cause havoc with your performance at, and your enjoyment of work. It can leave you feeling isolated, lacking in motivation and has a severe physical impact on your health.


Recognising signs of depression in yourself and others means that you can implement the self-help strategies covered in this workshop to help move you out of depression, or recognise when you need more professional help.

Mental health, team working



Coming out of Your Comfort Zone

Many personal development books and gurus insist on us moving out of our comfort zones, but how do we do this without getting spooked when we come up with challenges that floor us? This workshop looks at ways we can move out of our comfort zone in a controlled, strategic manner. We will uncover what and who can support us, and set up a framework to help us keep up the momentum.

Personal development, leadership, visibility



Coping with social anxiety

What was once called shyness can be a huge barrier to promotions, building a network, and even impacts our mental health. This seminar looks at ways we can work on our social anxiety and help us feel more in control of situations where we are interacting with others.

Mental health, leadership, personal development



Contact me, or book a call, to discuss booking any of these for your organisation.