Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy In Hythe and Folkestone


couples therapy in folkestone and hytheCouples tend to come to me because their relationship has broken down in some way. Sometimes it’s an affair or revelation that has shaken their world. At other times they may have noticed that they are drifting apart, or just not where they want to be in their relationship.


As a Human Givens counsellor, part of my work is around helping my clients get their needs met. In today’s fast moving and stressful world, there are plenty of things that can prevent this from happening, and that can impact a partnership.  It may be a problem with addiction, a life-transition or different ways of parenting. Blended families have their own richness and vibrancy, but sometimes they can do with a little extra help and attention too.


Occassionally, past patterns of thinking or behaviour may be impacting a relationship. These are often behaviours that were once useful, or protective, but are now not needed and possibly even disruptive.


Reluctant Couples Therapy Clients


The best work is done when everyone is committed to making positive changes. Let’s be realistic, however. Sometimes, one partner may be keener on therapy than the other and that’s okay. All is I ask is that you approach it with a sense of curiosity, of seeing how couples and relationship therapy can help, and that’s enough to start with.


When it’s time to end


Sadly, some couples may come to me for relationship therapy when one or both have them have decided that it’s time to split. Alternatively, this can come out of our counselling work together. If this is the case we can work on planning for a kind, well-considered and smooth separation and split, thinking about any children and their needs too.


Couples and Individual Counselling in Folkestone and Hythe

LGBTQIA+ friendly therapist in Hythe

Sometimes, individual work may also need be needed, in the case of trauma or addiction, for instance.  As a Human Givens therapist, I am able to do individual sessions to help you both move towards your chosen goal. What I aim to do, however, is to create a relationship of parity and equality. This means that each individual will get the same attention and time with myself, if you chose to do individual therapy as well.


I am a LGBTQIA+ friendly therapist, and have worked with alternative lifestyles such as kink and polyamory.


Sessions are in person in my comfortable rooms in Hythe, near Folkestone, Kent and within easy reach of Deal, Canterbury and Ashford. A session costs £110 for a 75 minute session. Do contact me to arrange a call, or you can book in an online chat to start with, here.