Human Givens Psychotherapist and counsellor (trainee) seeing clients in Kent


Therapy is a safe place to work through any challenges you may be facing. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, stress or another mental health challenge, the non-judgemental support you’ll find at The Good Therapy Practice can help get you back on track.

Together, we will figure out the next steps, so that you can move forwards, with a plan for feeling better. You’ll also build your sense of well-being, and learn tools and techniques that can both help you right now, and in the future.

We work with the Human Givens school of therapy, which focuses on getting our needs met. These needs include a sense of security and safety, privacy, control, and of course, meaning and purpose.  If these aren’t being met, or are out of balance, you may find life particularly hard right now. So, addressing these needs is an important part of our work together.

Our sessions will be collaborative, working towards goals that are about making life better with every session, not some vague date in the future. 

Issues we often work with include anxiety, break-up and divorce, sleep problems, overwhelm, panic attacks, grief, menopause, lack of motivation, focus or purpose, addiction, OCD, and phobias.

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